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Bizarre Bites of Brazil

So, what is Bizarre Bites of Brazil? In a nutshell, Bizarre Bites of Brazil is a veritable smorgasbord of bite sized tales of Brazil which offers a taste of the diverse cultural and social flavour that this enormous country has to offer, seasoned with a touch of the unusual and bizarre.

Before arriving in Brazil, I knew little of its rich and complex society. Of course I had seen images of the indulgent hedonistic carnaval, with its delicious, scantily clad coffee coloured women and exotic colourful costumes; I knew that girls wore dental floss bikinis, highlighting their golden peaches, and cavorted on the golden beaches; I had seen a documentary about the Police of Rio de Janeiro and their war against the drug traficantes and human life appeared to have little or no worth; from what I’d seen, football was placed on an equal if not superior footing with religion; and I was aware that there had been a military dictatorship in the not too distant past, but beyond that I had little knowledge.

Whilst these tales and the characters that populate them are purely fictional, there is a kernel of truth in many of them and I have tried to mirror Brazilian society as viewed through the eyes of a foreigner brought up on a different cultural diet, but who now feasts from the same table as the local inhabitants.

I think here is an appropriate  place to thank those who have helped correct my terrible Portuguese. Jean Marie Désir and Dani Rocha, I am truly indebted for your assistance and friendship. Abraços e beijos para vocês!

I haven’t yet figured out how to display these in the reverse order of posting, but I strongly urge you to read them in the numbered order.

After speaking to a few people, they mentioned they had trouble navigating this site. If you go to the top of this page you will find a navigation bar on the right hand side that displays the numbered tales.

And so we now come to the first instalment from Bizarre Bites of Brazil. If you enjoy reading these twisted tales please leave a comment or a rating and please pass it on to your friends to share.

Just a little addendum.

If people find this post through the tags I have used, I just want to say that the tags relate to the entire collection, many of the tales still only written in my head, not on this page.

A commentator asked when I will update and I hope to update at least once a month, but it is tough because Rio has given me so much inspiration that I can’t keep up with my brain and work is consuming a great deal of my time and energy. If you subscribe, you’ll be notified of updates, so please subscribe and please, please comment, even if to criticise!!!!

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